Hi there, my name is Emilia, I am Swedish, but live with husband and baby girl in London, UK. I hold a Bachelors Degree in Social Science and started my career helping to develop a newly started recruitment company only to find out a couple of years later that it is within Health and Nutrition I need to be professionally. So after 10 years as a hobby and a few years of additional studying at the American College of Healthcare Science have I now been awarded the Certificate in Holistic Nutrition Consulting - CHNC, Honors  

I love every element of the food experience, from planning, shopping, to the preparation of an exquisite meal. I feel strongly about using the best ingredients in the best tender way to ensure nutrient richness.

I cook nourishing, soothing food that bring health, pleasure, happiness, energy and good looks. In my life I focus on the simple ways of feeling beautiful, happy and energetic. This site is all about sharing what I find to be the best way to go about. 

For consultation please email: emilia@naturalactivities.com, or call: +44 7718 921879


Ihla Grande, Brazil 2009