Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fight the Fat

You need to eat fat, and not the type thats in the bacon, as part of a healthy diet. You need to eat fat in order to get rid of fat just as much as you need to drink water to get rid of excess fluid floating around in your body. What you don't need to do however is to store extra fat. That is why, this week, I am giving you some suggestions of foods that will help you fight the fat in your body.

These foods fight fat in all different kinds of ways, are easy to incorporate in your daily diet, and some of them are surely already a favourite or regular of yours. 

Fat fighting foods:
Greek Yoghurt 
Quinoa (keen-wa) 
Almonds (no salt)
Raw Vegetables (no surprise here)
Wild Salmon

Fat fighting beverages:
Green Tea
Black Coffee (no milk)

These should be easy enough for you to eat at least 3 times a week and some even every day. An apple and a handful (15) of almonds makes for a perfect snack. 

Good Luck!


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