Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bikram Yoga Anyone?

Never have I been so focused. My left leg is straight and steady as a lamppost, my hands are tightly rapped around my right foot and I am struggling for my life to straighten my right leg out in the air to form my body in an upside down l-shape. Through the puddles of sweat it hits me like a rock. I have the worst headache of my life, and along with feeling a bit nauseous, it might just have been an excruciating hangover. I am at my first proper Bikram Yoga Class here in London and the only thing that keeps me in that room right now is the firm believe that sweating and stretching this much simply must be good for you. 90min later the class is finally over and with me complaining about my headache the teacher explains that its toxins leaving my body and counts as a normal step in the whole "Bikram Yoga Process". Toxins leaving my body! Was that too good to be true?! I was hooked to the idea of a cleaner me and went back again, again, and again. 

Some of the plentiful benefits of practicing Bikram Yoga:
x detoxifying 
x increases blood flow/blood circulation 
x increase your metabolism
x burns fat more easily due to the heat
x decrease the appearance of scar tissue 
x increase your discipline, self-control, determination
x lower stress levels
x smoother skin and a radiant skin tone

You should definitely try it out but please remember that Bikram Yoga is not for everybody. If you have high blood pressure, is sensitive to heat, have an injury, or sensitive joints this might not be the thing for you. Give it a try if you feel like it and see if it suits. 

Are you a Bikram Yoga practitioner? Please tell us your experience from it.

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