Thursday, February 2, 2012

Get Your Metabolism Going

This week I am giving you tips on how to rev up your metabolism i.e. burn those calories a little bit faster:

1. Little & Often: Eating many smaller meals throughout the day keeps your metabolism active and alert. Eating larger meals three times a day programs your metabolism to work more slowly to make sure you are not starving.

2. More Protein: The body uses 25% more calories to breakdown protein compared to the breakdown of fat and carbs. You still need good fats and carbs, but make sure to get good quality protein with every meal. 

3. Black Coffee: Drinking black coffee gives your metabolism an instant boost. If you are not a coffee drinker 2-4 cups of green tea will have the same effect.  

4. Water: Dehydration slows down the metabolism so make sure not to walk around thirsty. 

5. Cold: Take advantage of the cold weather and go out for a walk. When your body is cold it uses more energy (calories) to warm up. If the cold is not for you then try drinking water on the rocks. 

6. Muscles: Make sure to use your muscles and make them stronger. Muscles burn much more calories then fat even when you are resting and remember that stronger muscles does not necessarily means bigger muscles so don't be afraid that you will bulk up.  

7. Safflower Oli: The fat composition of safflower oil enhance the bodies ability to metabolise fat. You can get them in capsules sometimes referred to as CLA. 

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