Thursday, October 20, 2011

Protein Rich Green Pea & Herb Soup

OK, so finally the soup I have been waiting for to share with you. The final verdict came in yesterday for lunch when both my sister and daughter gave it the thumbs up. This protein and fibre rich soup does not require any endless chopping of vegetables and the main ingredients comes straight from the freezer so you will have it on the table in under 20minutes. If you feel that frozen foods is wrong, think again. Frozen vegetables actually contains more nutrients then most fresh ones that you pick up from the supermarket. The reason being that the fresh vegetables can sit on the shelf, in a warehouse or travel all over the world for days and even weeks before it reaches your mouth while frozen vegetables freezes within hours after harvesting. But please do not ignore the fresh local vegetables from local farmers market or any seasonal vegetables available. I do not want you to miss out on the experience of preparing and eating fresh, seasonal vegetables and neither should your children. If you want to stay slim, beautiful and healthy you need to eat nutrient dense foods that your body can use. Any foods that is not dissolved properly and used will get stuck in your system, make you bloated and uncomfortable, and eventually cause weight gain.  

Protein Rich Green Pea & Herb Soup

3dl/300ml frozen green peas
1dl/100ml frozen green soybeans
2-3 garlic cloves, peeled, crushed and roughly chopped
1 vegetables or chicken stock cube (gluten and lactose free)
1 small handful of fresh thyme
1 small handful of fresh mint

Put all ingredients (leave the herbs for later) in a medium sized pan. Add as much water that is needed to just cover the vegetables. Bring to the boil then lower the heat and allow to simmer for 5minutes. Turn off the heat and add the fresh herbs. Now mix the soup with a hand mixer or in a blender and serve immediately. Serves 2

If you would like to make this soup for your infant, use a stock that is without or with reduced salt and without gluten and lactose as above.   

HEALTH BENEFITS of Soybeans: Soybeans as all beans and legumes are a great source of protein and fibre. The fibre in soybeans promote digestive health and may reduce the symptoms of constipation and bloating. These beans contain compounds that inhibits the uptake of fat to our fat cells and by that prevent fat storage in your body.

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  1. It was a lovely meal! And I do not even like peas. . .but now I do.