Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blueberry & Walnut Dark Chocolate

The weather isn't exactly great today so that makes for a great excuse to stay indoors and arrange your sock drawer, look through that big pile of paper, and potter around the kitchen (yes, these are things I am doing).

For those of you who know me well or have followed this blog from start know that I am a huge fan of dark chocolate. There is no better way then to finish of a beautiful meal with two squares of 70-90% dark chocolate. Frankly I wished that restaurants would offer that in their menus. Who needs fat, sugary desserts that will leave you too full, tired, and regretful, when you could end your meal gracefully with a coffee and dark chocolate to calm that craving of yours. 

Since I am already "addicted" to dark chocolate (not the milky stuff) I wanted to find a way to bring even more healthy foods into the game, without sacrifice the great taste of cocoa. The end result is a omega 3-, antioxidant-, and vitamin C- rich dark chocolate suitable for any occasion. Why not give to the kids on Halloween?!

Blueberry & Walnut Dark Chocolate 
100g 70% dark chocolate
1/2dl walnuts
1/4dl dried blueberries

Start by lining a small (20x10cm) bread tin. 

Break the walnuts if desirable into smaller pieces and spread out evenly, along with the blueberries, on the baking paper. 

Melt the dark chocolate in a small pan on very low heat. Keep an eye on it and stir frequently to help the melting process and to avoid the chocolate from burning. 

Once melted, pour the chocolate over the walnut and blueberry mix. Leave to cool for a bit and then place it in the refrigerator until completely set. Should not take more then 30-45min before you can lift the whole bar out form the tin.

Break into pieces or keep as one delicious chocolate bar. Your choice! 

HEALTH BENEFITS of Dark Chocolate: The real health benefit of dark chocolate is as you know in the cocoa itself. So the higher percentage of cocoa, the higher the health benefits. Always aim for 70% and beyond. Cocoa is known to lower blood pressure, boost your mood, and research shows that it has beneficial properties for people under great stress. Some people even call it a Super Food! Cocoa can soften your skin, enhance the action in the bedroom and help you loose weight by suppressing your cravings and help metabolise fat in your body. But please don't fool yourself. Dark chocolate has quite a high calorie intake so don't go for the whole bar in one go. Aim for a couple of pieces. If you want the whole bar, make sure to retract something else from your food intake that day. That's the secret to stay slim and not put on any weight. Simple as that :) For more info on the health benefits of cocoa and more delicious chocolate recipes, please follow the link.

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