Monday, May 31, 2010

Protein Rich Oat Cookies

For you who have already read this post can see that I changed the picture. The first one was too cold and did not give these Protein rich Oat Cookies justice. When I made the batch in the picture I used a jar lid to get the perfect rounds. You do not have to do that and as you can see in the directions in the recipe I haven't even mentioned any use of any molds. My sister AnnaMaria who was with me when I made the forth and fifth batch of these sweet cookies told me that a real cookie should look a bit chunky and not too sharp around the edges. It is Friday morning, sun is shining here in London and I can just sense the smell of the coffee. My grandfather has always been a real cookie monster. Whenever he and my grandmother came to visit me and my family he brought his own jar of cookies to make sure that he would never be left without. Although he ate all kinds of cakes and cookies there was one buttery oat cookie I remember he always brought with him to my family home. I remember the exact taste of that cookie and I woke up one morning some time ago wanting that exact same cookie but in a more healthy adult me kind a way.

Protein Rich Oat Cookies
1dl/100ml almonds
6 dried pitted dates
1dl/100ml oats
1 medium sized egg

Preheat the oven to 175ºC/350ºF and line a baking tray with baking paper. Combine almonds and dates in a food processor until the almonds are completely grounded.Transfer the mixture to a medium sized bowl. Add the oats and egg in to the bowl and blend using a spoon until well combined. Form the cake mixture into 9 equally sized balls almost the size of a ping pong ball and place them on the lined baking tray. Gently press the balls with your hands to form a flat cookie approx. 0.5cm high. Bake them in the oven for 12min and then leave to cool.

Theses cookies are an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a healthy protein rich snack loaded with essential fats to maintain glowing skin and hair, a slim body, and lean muscles.  They are also perfect to bring to any picnic, to keep in a jar for unexpected company or to serve on a children's birthday party or an adult birthday party accompanied with a fruit compote and a good quality vanilla ice cream.  

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pre-Wedding Detox

Wedding Bells are ringing for many of my friends the upcoming months. A wedding is a time of love and happiness but the months of planning can be extremely stressful for even the most organized person. I know from personal experience. Stress put a lot of strain on you body and can cause everything from bloating, depression, skin outbreaks and even make you gain weight, and that is the last thing you would want right?! It is in a woman's genes to spend too much time and energy worrying about her looks. All this worrying tend to escalate pre-wedding when even the thought of all eyes staring at you walking down the aisle makes you wanna hide under the covers and jump straight to the honeymoon. I remember my knees shaking like crazy and the bouquet in my hands following along. The least I can do is to help my friends and anyone else who is preparing mentally and physically for her wedding by suggesting a few simple techniques that I know from personal experience will work wonders for the in- and outside of your body.

Pre-Wedding Detox
#1 LIVER FLUSH - a sluggish liver equals a sluggish you. Take 1 tbsp of olive oil on an empty stomach first thing in the morning 30 min before breakfast. Repeat for 3 days, rest for 5 days and repeat for an additional 3. This will clean your liver and take it back to it's optimum function to help you with elimination of toxins.  

#2 WARM WATER with LEMON - start every morning (yes, that would be before the olive oil for the liver flush) with a cup of lukewarm water and a squeeze of fresh lemon. This will clean your stomach and the rest of your system from food that has been stored through the cause of the night. In other words; you help your body get a fresh and clean start. If you are concerned about the acid putting a strain on your teeth simply drink using a straw.

#3 MORNING WALKS - after the lemon water and the olive oil you should take a 20-30min walk to kick start your body. You can not give your body and mind a better start to the day. I get all of my "great" ideas while walking. Oh by the way, I do not talk about slow window shopping walking. I am talking about making an effort to walk as fast as you possibly can. Feel the pulse rising, the smile growing, your mind clearing up and your stubborn fat slowly finding its way out of your body. 

#4 FIBER - yes I know, you have heard it before but that is only because fibers are a large and vital part of a healthy diet. Fiber keeps your bowels clean and help you have regular bowel movements. It might be something that people not so often talk about but constipation or diarrhea is a warning signal of your body not feeling so great. Soak 1 tbsp of psyllium seeds or linsseeds in a glass of water 1-2hours or over night and then drink. I know it can feel a bit slimy and uncomfortable at first but just do it. You can thank me later..

#5 ALCOHOL - if you thought I would suggest you drinking alcohol I apologize in advance for disappointing you. You may not drink any alcohol AT ALL if you want to have an efficient detox. If you would add the number of calories and amount of sugar you consume just by drinking alcohol over a month or even year you would be frightened. Just stay of alcohol as much as you can up to the day of the wedding and the result of your detox will show great results. 

These techniques are to be used all year around and not just for the bride to be. The liver flush on the other hand is only to be done in the beginning of the "program". Please, please, please don't hesitate to ask me anything. This might all seem very overwhelming at first but really it isn't. Take an hour to go and shop for everything you need and start on a Monday if that is how you usually start a new routine. Good Luck!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Red Cabbage & Tomato Salad

It was not more then little over a month since I visited Argentina and still it feels like a lifetime ago. It is interesting how quickly you move on and keep focus on what's next on the agenda. It has always been in my interest to get as much planned as possible. I need to plan to keep entertained, I need it to feel satisfied and to feel relaxed. It sounds that all my planning would make me stressed but in the contrary the planning keeps me organized and my creative mind awake. I have so many things that I want you to know and read about right now. Everything from the latest health science updates, the books that I can't leave to rest and more delicious recipes in which all I will post here on my site. First of all there is one more salad that I want you to try out. Just as my Tomato and Onion Salad it is inspired by a side dish served for lunch at the El Ombu Ranch outside of Argentina. I kept asking for more since me and my mother in law could not get enough of it. Unfortunately I can't offer a recipe for the wonderful garden setting and their surroundings, the rustic tablewear and the giant charcoal grill but at least summer is upon us and soon we will all enjoy lunch and dinner outdoors in the warmth. I don't have a more exotic name than the usual statement of the ingredients but if you have an idea of a name please comment this post. Something like El Ombu Ranch Salad might be creative enough...

Red Cabbage & Tomato Salad
200g/1/4 small head red cabbage
2 vine tomatoes
2tbsp rapeseed oil
1tbsp apple cider vinegar
juice from 1/2 lime

Slice the cabbage as thinly as possible. Cut the tomatoes in a desirable shape. Mix the oil, vinegar and lime in a small bowl. Combine vegetables with the dressing in a bowl and leave to rest for a while before serving. If you are planning to make a big batch you should store the salad in an airtight container in the fridge. To be honest the salad gets tastier by the day after the cabbage and tomatoes have really soaked up all the tangy flavours from the dressing. 

HEALTH BENEFITS of Red Cabbage: Red cabbage almost contains twice as much vitamin C as green cabbage. Cabbage is packed with nutrients and very low in calories which makes this vegetables an ideal food for any weight control/loss regime. Eating it raw like this maximize its nutritional value. If you are sensitive to raw cabbage and/or have a weak stomach try and steam it for 5 minutes and use the red cabbage in a stir-fry instead making it easier on your digestive system.

For questions please contact me by email or leave a comment below.