Sunday, September 12, 2010

Vegetarian Sushi

I have been meaning to post this recipe weeks ago but sometimes life happens, times flies and you find yourself way out of the agenda. I was making a lot of sushi at home at one point but for some reason some things just pass and you move on to develop other skills in the kitchen and forget about what you used to cook. I guess that is a good trade in the essence of moving forward. However, since last weeks Japanese inspired recipe homemade vegetable sushi seems to be the next natural thing in line.

Vegetarian Sushi
1dl brown rice, cooked in vegetable bouillon and allowed to cool
4 nori sheets
1 can adzuki beans, drained, mashed and seasoned with salt to taste
1/2 paprika, any color cut in sticks
1/3 cucumber, cut julienne
1 avocado, sliced
1 celery, cut julienne
ginger, wasabi and soy to serve

Top the nori sheets with a thin layer of adzuki beans, followed by the brown rice and a line of avocado and vegetables as the picture shows below. Roll together tightly using your hands or a bamboo mat and cut into 1.5cm wide bites.

These are perfect to bring along for lunch at work or for the kids lunchboxes, for a picnic or to store in the fridge for a quick dinner when you get back in the evening tired and uninspired after a hectic day. If you are planning to embark on a healthy fasting regime this recipe should be included as a meal. The adzuki beans are a great diuretic bean, along with celery and cucumber. Brown rice provide essential fibers and vitamin B, and the avocado vital essential fats.