Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Red Cabbage & Tomato Salad

It was not more then little over a month since I visited Argentina and still it feels like a lifetime ago. It is interesting how quickly you move on and keep focus on what's next on the agenda. It has always been in my interest to get as much planned as possible. I need to plan to keep entertained, I need it to feel satisfied and to feel relaxed. It sounds that all my planning would make me stressed but in the contrary the planning keeps me organized and my creative mind awake. I have so many things that I want you to know and read about right now. Everything from the latest health science updates, the books that I can't leave to rest and more delicious recipes in which all I will post here on my site. First of all there is one more salad that I want you to try out. Just as my Tomato and Onion Salad it is inspired by a side dish served for lunch at the El Ombu Ranch outside of Argentina. I kept asking for more since me and my mother in law could not get enough of it. Unfortunately I can't offer a recipe for the wonderful garden setting and their surroundings, the rustic tablewear and the giant charcoal grill but at least summer is upon us and soon we will all enjoy lunch and dinner outdoors in the warmth. I don't have a more exotic name than the usual statement of the ingredients but if you have an idea of a name please comment this post. Something like El Ombu Ranch Salad might be creative enough...

Red Cabbage & Tomato Salad
200g/1/4 small head red cabbage
2 vine tomatoes
2tbsp rapeseed oil
1tbsp apple cider vinegar
juice from 1/2 lime

Slice the cabbage as thinly as possible. Cut the tomatoes in a desirable shape. Mix the oil, vinegar and lime in a small bowl. Combine vegetables with the dressing in a bowl and leave to rest for a while before serving. If you are planning to make a big batch you should store the salad in an airtight container in the fridge. To be honest the salad gets tastier by the day after the cabbage and tomatoes have really soaked up all the tangy flavours from the dressing. 

HEALTH BENEFITS of Red Cabbage: Red cabbage almost contains twice as much vitamin C as green cabbage. Cabbage is packed with nutrients and very low in calories which makes this vegetables an ideal food for any weight control/loss regime. Eating it raw like this maximize its nutritional value. If you are sensitive to raw cabbage and/or have a weak stomach try and steam it for 5 minutes and use the red cabbage in a stir-fry instead making it easier on your digestive system.

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