Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cleaner body, lighter mind – happier you

It is time to detox and cleanse your body from the heavy winter indulgences. You change with season and start preparing for the spring season now will result in clean, toned insides and a lighter frame on the outside.

There are easy ways to cleanse the body daily without going on any extreme “juice only” kind of detox. We are talking about ways and products that you can, and will, bring in to your daily routine without any huge effort. Reason people often don’t care about cleansing the body is because they only hear about the extreme part of it. Well, I am here to let you in on a few good tricks that will cleanse your body and enlighten your mind.

The ones I picked out below are a good start and they all take part in my daily goal to cleanse and replenish. Try to incorporate as many of these as possible in your daily routine:

WATER – the obvious, natural and most important one. You need at least 2 litre of filtered water every day of the year. Water eliminates toxins from your organs and intestines and is vital for a clear skin.

FIBRE – aids digestions, improves bowel movement and helps to prevent disease by the removal of waste products and toxins. Focus on eating lots of raw fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, seeds and nuts.

CELERY – a diuretic that regulate fluid balance, stimulate urine production and rid the body of excess fluid. In other words, it enhances the flushing of toxins from your body. Raw celery chopped up in a salad is the easy way to go. Aim for at least two stalks a day.

NETTLE – drinking a cup of warm water followed by a cup of nettle tea in the morning will cleanse your stomach from residue and get the bowels moving. Nettle also cleanse the liver and keep you of infections. Make it a part of your daily 2 litre water intake.

DANDELION – one of my absolute favourites and perfect as a body tonic. Its diuretic, tonic and laxative effect makes it one of the best natural cleansers around. Make it easy and ingest as a tincture. Follow instructions on the bottle. I buy my tinctures from Organic Herbal Remedies. Try and find a local producer from your end of the world. You can consume as tea as well or if you are lucky enough to find dandelion leaves in your local food store, toss lots of them in your daily salads.

EXERCISE – last but not least, get moving. Stretch out, go for brisk walks or run with the enthusiasm of a child. The important thing is that you get that body moving daily. This will not only tone your body but release endorphins that contribute to a happier you.

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