Thursday, November 5, 2009

Winter Colds

It is this time of year when we tend to catch a cold, when the dark keep us from really waking up and when you feel as you could do with a few days lying in bed. I know someone just like that and this year she decided to make it stop. She has reached out and asked for advice on how to strengthen her immune system and I thought I start of with something simple as supplements. You might now think that supplements are a waste of money but trust me, they are not. It is about charging your body, making it resistant to disease, depression. The foods available today do not provide us with enough nutrients, the pollutant air that we breathe are toxins to our body, and what about stress?! that depletes our body from vital nutrients which in turn makes us need even more nutrients We need something to help us on our way and for that supplements are a good and simple way to go. You have to experience the improvement you are going to see/feel before knocking it down. You want to be happy, energized and healthy and look beautiful. That is the way we want it! So do yourself a favour and stock up on these vitamins and minerals as a start:

• B-Complex - protects the nervous system from excessive stress
• Zinc - good defense against the common cold and important for the absorption of B vitamins
• Vitamin C - general health promoter, important antioxidant that protects against stress and pollutants
• Magnesium - vital for healthy muscle tone, bones, and heart and required for a healthy immune system

Please make sure to consult with your doctor if you are on any medication. More information on each vitamin will soon be provided under facts tab. And finally a few words of wisdom. Supplements do not work its magic without proper food in the body. You can not expect to feel and look healthy without providing your body with the right kind of foods. So get going, by those whole foods!

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