Friday, November 20, 2009

So Close and Yet so Far Away

Me and my husband found this painting in a tiny art gallery in Bouzios north of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We visited the gallery several times hoping to come to some kind of decision but due to the language barrier we couldn’t settle a deal to buy the oil painting and had it sent to our home in London. We left Bouzios still with the aim of buying the painting. Being in contact with the painter now the price of the painting is completely different and has therefore somehow lost the romantic Brazilian touch we first fell for. I am now surprisingly satisfied with the picture as a happy memory from that time on our honeymoon when we had a vision of the painting being ours. You always learn something from events like these and this time I learned that sometimes decisions need to be made there and then and you shouldn’t be afraid to trust your gut feeling at the time being.

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